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division.: Maggie Q's 33rd Birthday: "Best Friends Animal Society" Project!


Maggie Q’s (CW’s Nikita) 33rd birthday is coming up on May 22nd, and as many of you may know, last year, Maggie’s fans celebrated her birthday by making a donation to Maggie’s favorite charity -Best Friends Animal Society. Maggie is a dedicated and recognized ambassador of the BFAS, as you can…

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A couple people hve asked why we aren’t asking Ellen to have Shane on the show too…

We are only asking to have Maggie on the show cuz it would be a lil much to ask for Shane too, then exclude Lyndsy.

We can’t just be like Ellen, please have alllll of these people on your show! We don’t even know how this really works(how they pick which famous people are on) so it would just be easier and less demanding to only ask about Maggie. She might decide herself to have more of the cast too but it would be easier to just ask about one person. And wouldn’t it be kind of rude to say only have these two actors but not Lyndsy? Or Aaron? etc.

For now, it’s just more simple to only ask about Maggie.

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Have faith Mikita agents….(oh and stop tweeting the cast/crew/writers that rude stuff insulting their work.)


So will Cassandra cause an irreparable Nikita and Michael rift? West tells us: “I can say we’ve already had a split, but we’re still talking to each other in those episodes but they are already bringing us back together…I think the fans can relax to an extent.” See, it’s not all bad news.

 Full article here:

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