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division.: Maggie Q's 33rd Birthday: "Best Friends Animal Society" Project!


Maggie Q’s (CW’s Nikita) 33rd birthday is coming up on May 22nd, and as many of you may know, last year, Maggie’s fans celebrated her birthday by making a donation to Maggie’s favorite charity -Best Friends Animal Society. Maggie is a dedicated and recognized ambassador of the BFAS, as you can…

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Casting Scoop: Fame Star Heads to Nikita With a Motherly Connection!

It’s time to meet the woman who made Nikita (Maggie Q) the person she is today, Agents!

Yes, Nikita has cast the important role of Carla, a mysterious woman who has a deep connection with TV’s most badass woman and we’ve got the exclusive casting info that should please fans of the 1982 hit film Fame

So which Fame star is heading to Nikita and what’s Carla’s connection to Nikita? 

Erica Gimpel, most known for her portrayal of Coco Hernandez in Fame and Alicia Fennel on Veronica Mars, is heading to the CW spy drama for a two-episode arc in February. 

Similar to how Nikita helped Alex (Lyndsy Fonseca) get clean, Carla, described as compassionate and spiritual, is the woman responsible for taking Nikita off the streets. The closet thing to a mother Nikita has, Carla was the most influential person in her life before Division. We’ll first meet Carla in episode 14, titled “Rogue.” While they went their separate way 10 years ago, Nikita and Carla are reunited…and it’s not exactly under the best circumstances as shocking secrets are revealed about both parties.

While Gimpel is currently set to appear in two episodes, there is a chance she could be popping up on a recurring basis. 

Aside from Veronica Mars, Gimpel has also made appearaces on Rizzoli & IslesPrime SuspectGrey’s AnatomyER and Roswell.

What do you think of this casting news, Nikita fans? Are you excited to meet the woman who taught Nikita everything she knows? Sound off in the comments!


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A couple people hve asked why we aren’t asking Ellen to have Shane on the show too…

We are only asking to have Maggie on the show cuz it would be a lil much to ask for Shane too, then exclude Lyndsy.

We can’t just be like Ellen, please have alllll of these people on your show! We don’t even know how this really works(how they pick which famous people are on) so it would just be easier and less demanding to only ask about Maggie. She might decide herself to have more of the cast too but it would be easier to just ask about one person. And wouldn’t it be kind of rude to say only have these two actors but not Lyndsy? Or Aaron? etc.

For now, it’s just more simple to only ask about Maggie.

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RE-BLOG, TRENDING RULES(it’ll help what we trend tonight, trend and stay up longer)


RT all top Watch Nikita(or whatever we’re trying to trend) tweets! The aim is to have at least 3 top tweets with minimum 100 RTs each. No top tweets, no trending. The more RTs to top tweets the higher and longer the TT.

No multiple Watch Nikita in one tweet or you risk to be reported and blocked!
Some do that on purpose to stop trending counts by Twitter!

No multiple topics in one tweet count as SPAM = not trending! This means DON’T include both Watch Nikita and something like Mikitaverse in the same tweet!

No sequence of numbers before or after Watch Nikita as it’s SPAM

No sequence of alphabet letters before or after Watch Nikita as it’s SPAM

No # until we trend Watch Nikita.

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